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Vrtual Trading is the only group you will need
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Need help? Are you a beginner trader? Don't worry, Vrtual Trading members and helpers offer 24/7 support.

Real-Time Alerts

We know how important it is to stay updated with the most important news which is why we notify our members the second we catch anything important.

Daily Watchlist

At Vrtual Trading, we provide daily watchlists to all our members so they can see exactly what we are focusing on.

Advanced A.I. (Volatility)

Our State of the Art A.I. "VOLATILITY", was developed by VRTUAL Trading and is one of the finest options trading algorithms to date.

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At joining, we offer a free course with all the proper information and knowledge for you to understand what trading is, how to manage risk & how to read our calls.


Vrtual Trading gives you a variety of analysis and trading channels that will suit your needs. From the wide variety of services we provide we have: Option Trading, Spreads, Option Flow, Stock Trading & much more.


Vrtual Trading provides possibilities for any type of budget big or small to make more money. For smaller accounts we offer challenges like $1k to $10k. These type of challenges take place regularly and always succeed.

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Vrtual Trading is a discord group full of the best
market analysts & tools to guarantee anybody
understand how to make money by trading
stocks. Are you interested in finding out more
about us?


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"VRTUAL Trading has truly transformed my life in ways that no other groups could. Joining VRTUAL was the best investment I have ever made for myself, and in the past 4 months I have been able to turn $500 into $20,000 just by utilizing the groups top tier alerts and amazing community!"


Long Term Stock Analyst

"I don't really know where to start. VRTUAL Trading is my spiritual trading home. This is not my only server, and I've been around the block a bit. I've been doing this since before there were any trading servers, and I've seen many come and go. None of them just clicked quite like it did here. I knew I'd arrived and would not be leaving almost immediately after I got here. ..."



"...Ive learned so much more in the time that I’ve been here and VRTUAL Trading has helped me pay bills with the quality alerts, Steve and the staff are always trying to improve themselves and help others, and not to mention the different algos and bots that Steve have put together are worth the subscription alone. ..."

Biggie Trades


" Joined this group over 10 months ago when it first started. I was a beginner and knew nothing about trading at all. All I knew was that you can buy and sell stocks thats it. I knew nothing about charting, options, how news can impact the market, technical analysis, etc. The owner (Steve) and many of the other mods and members helped me each step of the way. ... "



" I still remember the day I reach out to Steven on twitter,  asking him if he could show me about stocks when I knew nothing and was completely lost. I still remember telling him my goals and of course Steven blessed me and has changed my life on reaching goals that I never image were possible. With all the help from Steven and the rest of the crew I’m getting closer to six figures. "



" VRTUAL Trading is an amazing trading community. When I first started trading on my own, I was down a few hundred dollars. But after meeting one of the members and the owner, they let me into their group and I am so grateful for it. They helped me turn around my trading strategy and now I’ve made thousands in gains from being here. The server is filled with amazing resources, people, and signals. "



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other questions about stock trading & our group

What is Vrtual Trading?

Vrtual Trading is one of the greatest groups dedicated to your success in trading Stocks and Options. Our focus is giving the best information to our members so they can profit anywhere, anytime.

Is Vrtual Trading worth it?

For $50/month you get access to some of the best information in the trading industry, as well as a community of like-minded traders.

What if I am a complete beginner?

Vrtual Trading takes care of each and every one of our members, providing you all with free courses, beginner tutorials, and specialists willing to help you anytime so you can get started trading within a week.